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The Raku Nene's Ritual

The Raku-nene's ritual is a ritual that comes from a remote island in the Pacific Ocean. This ritual will call and invite the evil spirit called The Raku-nene. The Spirit will let you know if someone loves you or not. Also it will kill the person you love it if they refuse or do not consider you. The Raku-nene is a figure of evil spirits from the Gilbert Islands in the Pacific Ocean, some people call it the Southern Sea. There is a ritual that is well known and often used by the islanders. The ritual that involves demons to find out if someone loves them or not.

To find out whether a girl or a boy loves you or not, you can ask The Raku-nene.

First of all take a leaf length is usually like coconut leaves, fold the leaves, but be careful not to let you split it into two. Then, hold it between finger and thumb of your right hand and swing slowly saying this mantra.

"Tell me Raku-nene. Tell me if he loved me, tell me whether he loves me. Say, say, say it".

After you repeat the mantras three times, cut the leaves in half. Then, wrap both your index finger with each half of the leaf to compare it. If both parts of the leaves that have the same height, means the person you love does not love you. If parts of it have different heights, it means he loves you.

But since it involves the evil spirit the Raku-nene, this ritual is often used for things that are evil. If a boy or a girl rejects those who loved him, then that person can call the Raku-nene.

To perform this ritual, you should take a hair from the head of a boy or girl's hair and wrap it around your thighs. The hair must remain on your thigh for three days and when the morning on the fourth day, then burn the hair above the heaps of leaves. Perform this ritual will invite the evil spirit of Raku-nene to punish the person you love. That spirit will make that person tore its clothes, make their face defective, tortured and finally killed him.

For many years, many people witnessed the deaths caused by Raku-nene in the Gilbert Islands. One evening, a young girl was found lying without a garment on her bedroom floor, moaning in pain. Her face is flushed like caught fire and her body swelled. Her eyes were wide open, staring upward with enlarged pupil. When someone asked him why nobody helped her, the residents just say nothing more can conducted. A man who was declined already condemned it and handed Raku-nene to kill him. She is better to die because there is no way to save him.

The girl started getting flounder from left to right, clawing at her own skin and bite those who tried to approach. Suddenly, she began to shriek, "Raku-nene! Raku-nene" Repeatedly. Then, with a look that terrible, her body became stiff until she died. After that, when the autopsy was held, none of the causes of death can be found. She was otherwise very healthy, and there is no reason which can make it dead, but in fact it does.

As time goes, this ritual has become increasingly famous and the more deaths occur because of this. Then Gilbert Islands government issued a regulation on ritual and anyone who tries to invite the evil spirit Raku-nene will be thrown in jail.

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