Ghosts Story


This blog only provides a collection of stories which has among other stories like ghost stories, paranormal activity, horror, mystery, myths, real story, urban legends, and etc. We were very happy if anyone would like to share an experience that is very creepy and ever happened.

In this case we did not use a picture, but only use the contents of the sentence uttered by a person who submit stories to us. And with the existence of this site, to make it easier the reader and the author of the story in this site can understand what they read and write. We do not prohibit a the content of the story, but is not allowed to contain elements that do not deserve to be written. As long as it is not like it then, whatever the the content of that story. also a site where people can share and read stories of their experiences among each other. In this case is entirely a commercial for people all over the world. However, we will continue to monitor the contents of a story transmitted to our site.

The story is free to read by anyone, including parents and children. We have a goal to provide more benefits to the reader that this site is not only, but also related to a true story experienced by a person. If anyone would like to contribute, feedback or opinions regarding this site please feel free to contact us.

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