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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Satoru-kun is a Japanese urban legend about a game being played to find out the answers for all the questions of any kind. If you have a question that requires an answer, Satoru-kun can help. According to the urban legend, Satoru-kun is a spirit of Japan ghost or demon that appears in the form of a young boy. He knows everything about the past, present and the future.

Satoru-kun can answer every question that was asked. You only need to perform a ritual to summon him. However, by contacting Satoru-kun, you're playing a dangerous game. To call Satoru-kun, you need some coins and a public coin phone that are still functioning.


Step 1: Insert a coin in a public coin phone. Pick up the phone as usual.
Step 2: Repeat the following chant, "Satoru-kun, Satoru-kun, please come here, Satoru, Satoru, please show yourself. Satoru, Satoru, please answer me if you were there."
Step 3: Once that immediate hang up the public payphone.

If you do everything right, you will receive a phone call from Satoru- kun within 24 hours. He will be phoned you through the general telephone or mobile phone that is closest to you. When he first phoned, Satoru-kun will tell you where he is. Then he will hang up.

He will call you a few times and each time, he will be closer and closer to where you are. The last time he would say: "I am behind you now." It is time to quickly ask your questions.

1: Do not turn around or try to look at him.
2: Do not try to touch it.
3: Do not call if you do not have any questions to ask.
4: When he is behind you, do not waste your time. Ask a question immediately.

If you violate any of the rules, you will dead and Satoru-kun will drag you go to hell. So, prepare the questions would be a good idea to play the game.

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