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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Ghost of Kwai Mau

Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm from Canada. I have a very interesting story to tell you that I believe to be true. This story took place a few months (July of 1997) ago when I was back in Hong Kong. When I was in Hong Kong, I lived with a relative of mine in a apartment complex. We would visit some of the sites in Hong Kong and spend lots of money. We decided to go to one of the tourist sites that contained a cemetery. We arrived and to our surprise there were lots of people there that day.

I walked around, looking at tombstones and wondered about the designs (some tombstones where designed for specific reasons, the chinese are deeply superstitious about these things). while I was walking by myself, I heard what I thought was my mom calling me. I went to her and asked if she had called me, her answer puzzled me. If she hadn't called me, who did?.

That night I was determined crash and sleep. As I was laying in bed about shut off my lights, I heard my name being called again. I got up and went outside, thinking it was my mother again. I walked pass my parents room and peaked in, they were sound asleep. I thought nothing more of it and went to bed.

I spent a good 2 hours awake thinking about the voice I heard. When all of a sudden, I heard it again. This time I was really scared, and I didn't answer the voice. It kept calling me and calling me until it just stopped. The next morning I told my parents and relatives what happened to me the previous night, my uncle looked at my shockingly and said "Kwai Mau".

My mother use to tell me, "when you hear someone calling your name, don't answer back until you know who's calling you, or you will meet up with 'Kwai Mau'". Kwai Mau is a legend about a black cat that comes during your sleep, and inflict wounds on you. Sometimes, it will actually come and take you away. It is said to be evil and will call out to it's victims, waiting for their response. When it's victim responds, the cat takes that as an invitation. Anyway, I think it's best that I explain the origins of Kwai Mau.

"Kwai Mau use to be a living person that was cursed by evil and was doomed to roam the earth for eternity as a black cat, the only way it can find rest, is to feed on humans. It can only do so, if it was invited when it calls out it's victims". The person who was cursed or the evil presence was not identified in the story, needless to say, we all assumed it was only a story.
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Chinese Ghost Story

When my mom and her adoptive family first arrived in Malaysia in the 1930s, the only place they could afford to rent was an apartment above a Chinese funeral parlour. It was cheap because the owners had problems leasing it out, living among the dead is taboo within most cultures, even more so among the highly superstitious Chinese.

In line with Chinese belief that the spirits of the deceased remain on earth for some eight days after death, I'm told mom would often see ghostly figures in their apartment. These were supposedly the spirits of those whose funerals were taking place downstairs. There was the apparition of an old man sitting in their living room on one occasion, and another time, a young girl who wouldn't stop crying. My mom asked why she was upset and she replied that it was because she had to leave this realm and she didn't know where she was going.

My eldest sister remembers looking on in fear as mom consulted spirits by laying out some kind of cloth with writing on it, and seeing the divining saucer move by itself and land on the answers as she asked questions. I've never seen it myself, but it sounds like some kind of Chinese Ouija Board. Then there was the day the principal at Choong Fee's school had to summon my parents to school to tell them their young son was in his office, so terrified he had refused to go home. The reason?

He'd had a premonition that he was going to die young. After that incident, it was well-known that Choong Fee lived his life with a death fixation, seeking out fortune tellers and trying to get in contact with the other side, like my mom before him. I don't know about my siblings since I've generally lived my life quite apart from any of them, but I too have a death fixation. I guess it started with my mom's passing. To have to spend 3 nights at the foot of her coffin in the funeral parlor and to be instructed to tell my mom to "cross the bridge" if I saw her ghost would make an indelible mark on any six-year-old, I guess.

I remember my older sister recounting a vivid dream she had not so long after my mom's death, about mom sitting at the foot of her bed and telling her she was very cold where she was. Not to mention my own morbid dreams about mom that continue to pop up every now and then. When I was a teenager newly arrived in this country, a friend, whose dad was a renowned fortune teller, gave her a chart with my life path drawn out - completely unsolicited.

Despite my dread and trepidation, my curiosity got the better of me and I let her explain its meaning. It highlighted 3 years in which my life would be threatened, if I made it through each of those years, my life would continue unharmed until the next date on the chart. Two of the three years have come and gone, and his forecasts have been seemingly accurate both times (I was the victim of a violent robbery one of those years, and I was in an accident the other - I think). The third year is yet to come.

Because of this kind of history, I've never been of the "all psychics are fake" or "there's no such thing as ghosts" schools of thought, but rather that there is something out there, even if their origins and nature are unexplained. The strident church teaching I was raised with, that frowned on any dabbling with spirit communication, meant that my fascination with the after-life was limited to watching scary movies and, when the genre took hold, paranormal reality TV shows.

At my first Australian school camp, I even tried to get exemption from a compulsory yoga class on account of my religious beliefs. For the best part of my life, I saw people who consulted fortune tellers as weak-minded individuals who were susceptible to fraud, and held them with equal measures, I guess, of derision and pity. That was, until late last year.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Satoru-kun is a Japanese urban legend about a game being played to find out the answers for all the questions of any kind. If you have a question that requires an answer, Satoru-kun can help. According to the urban legend, Satoru-kun is a spirit of Japan ghost or demon that appears in the form of a young boy. He knows everything about the past, present and the future.

Satoru-kun can answer every question that was asked. You only need to perform a ritual to summon him. However, by contacting Satoru-kun, you're playing a dangerous game. To call Satoru-kun, you need some coins and a public coin phone that are still functioning.


Step 1: Insert a coin in a public coin phone. Pick up the phone as usual.
Step 2: Repeat the following chant, "Satoru-kun, Satoru-kun, please come here, Satoru, Satoru, please show yourself. Satoru, Satoru, please answer me if you were there."
Step 3: Once that immediate hang up the public payphone.

If you do everything right, you will receive a phone call from Satoru- kun within 24 hours. He will be phoned you through the general telephone or mobile phone that is closest to you. When he first phoned, Satoru-kun will tell you where he is. Then he will hang up.

He will call you a few times and each time, he will be closer and closer to where you are. The last time he would say: "I am behind you now." It is time to quickly ask your questions.

1: Do not turn around or try to look at him.
2: Do not try to touch it.
3: Do not call if you do not have any questions to ask.
4: When he is behind you, do not waste your time. Ask a question immediately.

If you violate any of the rules, you will dead and Satoru-kun will drag you go to hell. So, prepare the questions would be a good idea to play the game.
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Friday, March 18, 2016

Ghost Ship of The Flying Dutchman

This incident allegedly occurred in 1641 when Hendrik van der Decken vowed to surround the Cape of Good Hope until doomsday. Since that figure was never seen again. His fate was unknown. But many witnesses said, even swear that they often see when the captain known as, The Flying Dutchman, suddenly in the sea around there, and then disappeared. Sometimes the ghost ship was so close to their ships so that they can see clearly. The sailors call, the appearance of the ghost ship of The Flying Dutchman, as a bad omen for the ship to see it. Not because the ghost ship that they fear, but a bad disaster that would befall if see the appearance of the ship.

One example is when the ghost ship appeared and witnessed by the crew of King George V, in 1881. Thus that is written testimony. "At 4 AM the Flying Dutchman crossed in front of us. It's strange, all the lights in the ship was lit up bright red, in the middle existing the pillars which lit".

In the morning the sailors who witnessed the appearance of the Flying Dutchman died mysteriously. Another version of the story of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship The Flying Dutchman ghost ship is one story that is very well known and have been legendary throughout the world. There have been many books written by lifting the story of this legend, even in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) the ghost ship is also raised.

According to folklore, the Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that can never be docked, but have to wade through "seven seas" forever. Flying Dutchman is always visible from a distance, sometimes irradiated with a light highlight dim. Many versions of this story. According to some sources, this legend came from the Netherlands, while the others to claim that it comes from theatrical England of The Flying Dutchman (1826) by Edward Fitzball and the novel "The Phantom Ship" (1837) by Frederick Marryat, later adapted to Dutch story "Vliegend Het Schip" (The Flying Ship) by the Dutch pastor AHC Römer.

Other versions by Richard Wagner (1841) and "The Flying Dutchman on the Tappan Sea" by Washington Irving (1855). Several reliable sources said that in the 17th century a Dutch captain named Bernard Fokke (another version called the captain "Ramhout Van Dam" or "Van der Decken") sailed the seas from Holland to Java with incredible speed. He is suspected of asking for help to reach speeds of demon earlier. But amid his voyage to the Cape of God Hope sudden bad weather, so that the ship was stuck. Then one of the crew asked that the cruise stopped.

But the captain did not want to, then he said, "I swear I will not retreat and will continue through the storm to reach the destination city, or I and all of my ship crew will be damned forever" Suddenly a storm hit the ship so that they lose against nature. And cursed forever The captain along with his crew became undead and sailing across the seven seas forever. It is said that the ship was condemned to sail the seven oceans until the end of time. then the story was spread very rapidly throughout the world.

Many witnesses that claimed to have seen this ghost ship. In 1939 the ship was visible in Mulkzenberg. In 1941 a group of people at Glencairn beach to watch the sail boat that suddenly disappears when it will hit rocks. Sightings The Flying Dutchman was again seen by the crew of Jubilee M.H.S military ship near Cape Town in August 1942. In fact, there is a record of the story of the voyage of Christopher Columbus, when the crew Columbus saw the ship stalled stranded with the screen expands. after the first crew saw immediately died immediately.

This myth also tells if a modern ship saw this ghost ship and a modern crew gave the signal, then the modern ship would sink. For a sailor, an unexpected encounter with a ghost ship of The Flying Dutchman will bring danger to them and said, there is a way to circumvent the possibility bump into the ghost ship, ie with a pair of horseshoe in the mast ship as protection.
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The Myth Story of Doppelganger

Doppelganger is a myth and the term used to describe someone who looked like a strange phenomenon, exactly, even with the same name as another person. This phenomenon is said to bring bad omen for someone who met its Doppelganger. Doppelganger comes from the combination of two words, namely the Germany-speaking doppel meaning two (double) and ganger which means pedestrians (walkers). If these two words are combined, the term Doppelganger is a figure that imitating someone who is still alive in this world.

Impersonator figure is also unknown whether the intangibles such as human, shadow, or just a flash appearance. Doppelganger is said to mimic what someone has done, but sometimes also do something in advance of the borrowed will be done later. Some of the sightings doppelganger imitate one's deeds is told bodes ill for the people. There are a lot of deaths attributed to the emergence of this doppelganger.

Abraham Lincoln, the president of the United States 16, reportedly had seen the doppelganger himself in the mirror, right next to the reflections, in late 1860 shortly after winning the presidential election. This twin looked very pale and ill. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln are people who believe in superstitions, they assume the appearance of twinning Abraham Lincoln was a bad omen.

Queen Elizabeth I was the one who met the doppelganger himself before died. When she went into her bedroom, and saw himself lying on the bed with facial expressions of pain and pale. Not long from it, she fell ill and died in the same bed.

Sometimes doppelganger appeared before the relatives and family of a person, shortly before she died. Families who meet the twin of her relatives will not know that it was not him, but the truth will be revealed when the person had died some time after the incident.

In The Story of Myth, doppelganger is said to follow a man who imitated to kill or captive replaced in order to live the life of that person. These stories are commonplace in tell children that if that happens then they would have fared badly.
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Folklore Story of a Sidi Nouman and The Ghoul

The story of a Sidi Nouman is a spooky story about a man who marries a woman named Amina, where he had never seen her face. This story is based on ancient folklore in the Arab countries, in the tales of 1001 nights. There was a young man named Sidi Nouman who came from a wealthy family. He was had wanted to get married, but had never met the his bride. He never even saw at her face. Following the custom of the time, the marriage was arranged by his parents. And for women who want to marry should keep her face remains hidden behind the veil until after her wedding day. What is known by Sidi is merely a name the girl of Amina.

When the wedding was finished, Sidi was very curious about a face a newlywed home with him. In their bedroom, Amina opened her veil. Sidi then pleasantly surprised with an enchanting beauty of his wife. Shrouded cheerfulness, he held her and hugged her tight. And their honeymoon begins. After the wedding day, Sidi Nouman and his wife were sitting in the dining room. The waitress then came and serves a variety of delicious food on the table. Somehow, when Sidi was eating his food, he then notice that his wife was not eating anything.

When he saw it, Amina then pulled a small metal box from her pocket and opened it. She then took a long needle and use the needle to take rice, grain by grain. After only take a few grains of rice, Amina put the needle back in place and away from the dining table. In the following days after that, whenever they ate together, Sidi realizes that his wife rarely eat at all. Sometimes she just swallow a few pieces of bread and sat down. Her strange behavior started making Sidi worry.

One night, when Amina thought her husband was asleep, she slowly got out of bed. Sidi just pretending to be asleep and when he heard his wife got out of bed, he became suspicious. Still his eyes tightly closed, he heard his wife dressed hastily and slipped quietly out of the room. When she was gone, he immediately got up and dressed to follow. He watched his wife leave the house and walk the streets. He ran downstairs and out the front door chased him under the moonlight of scary, go to a cemetery.

It was late at night and Sidi creep into the shadows and peered over the cemetery wall. He was then shocked when he saw Amina toward the middle of the tomb where she was met a man who was digging a grave. Sidi was too far away to hear what they were saying. Amina and the man dig up a new grave and opened the coffin. Sidi then stunned and scared, when he saw them pulling out a decomposing body in it, cut it up and eat the bodies. Eat voraciously to satisfy their hunger. Was still persist in its hiding place, watching the scene disgusting Sidi shaking his wife who was chewing on rotting flesh from the corpse.

When finished eating everything, Amina and the mysterious man to collect the bones and put them back into place, cover it with soil. Do not believe what he had just witnessed, Sidi was forced to go away from the cemetery. Ran back to the house and climbed into the bed, pretending to be asleep when his wife came back. Amina took off her dress and slipped under the covers, not knowing that the secret has been uncovered poor. Sidi Nouman could not sleep for the rest of that night and the next morning, he was went out of the house before Amina waking. He was headed into town to ask a psychic and figure out what to do. He was tells him about the marriage, her eating habits were suspicious and he saw the terrible scenes when in a cemetery.

"Your wife is a Ghoul," the psychic said. "One of the demons that roam the city, make their nests in the old buildings are abandoned and slipped between people for eat their meat. If they do not find a prey that is alive, they would go to cemeteries to look for the body. "

"What should I do?" Sidi pleaded with tears. "Please tell me."

The psychic then gives him a small bottle in his hand containing a dark liquid.

"Take this and go home immediately." He said. "When the time comes, throw this concoction into her eyes and you will see what you have to see".

When Sidi return home, when it was a time of their lunch. His wife later welcome him and drove it to the dinner table. The waiter then presents some of the food in front of them. As usual, Amina and pulled the iron box, take out the needle and began to crochet the rice one by one, and put it in her mouth.

"Why Amina?" Sidi said quietly. "Is there something wrong with the food?"

"No, I'm just not hungry." She replied.

"Maybe there is something else, you want to eat" Sidi said that. "From all this, surely there is nothing are sweeter than a bodies of rotting flesh".

Shortly after hearing the sentence, Amina turn violent. Her face turned purple, eyes bulging like want to jump out of place. Showing her teeth, Amina across the table and violently tried to catch Sidi. But she was too slow. Sidi has opened the bottle and threw the liquid into the eyes of Amina. Immediately her face turned black.

Her skin began to smoke and flesh stuck to the body, falling from the bone. Sidi fear of watching his wife's face started to melt. The woman then fell on her knees and her body was charred and melted in front of him. After all of that, that was left was a thick black mud puddle where Amina was made.
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dream of The Hide and Seek

This story about my little brother, who was still a grade 4 elementary school. I'm still in high school, and my brother had just entered into a vocational school. My older brother was in flight school so he was rarely at home, while I was a member of the school's athletic club so I always a morning run every day.

One day in the summer, I got up as fast as usual but my little brother, who should still sleeping under my bed, it was not in his bed. I think he went to the toilet, so I came out without thinking about it. But then, I found him asleep on the floor outside our room. I went to wake him before a morning run. When I thought about it more, I realized that our room door locked when I came out.

From that day on, my little brother often disappear, and each time was found been somewhere in our house. Although he never came out, he always found hiding under a table, or in a narrow place in the cupboard.

We've forgotten all about it when on New Year's Eve, we gathered together and joked and laughed about the memories with our family. Mom began, "You all ever walked while the dream."

I do not even remember when I ever walked in a dream and I do not know when my brother ever so.

But suddenly I remembered something. I should ask my brother.

"When you were a kid, did you ever dream the same dream all the time? Dreams of playing hide and seek? "

"Well ... if I remember correctly, I never had a dream like that when I was in elementary school."

"And ... the child be with you, did he asked you to go with him?"

"You mean, to the edge of the river? I never follow it. "Replied older brother.

"Me, too. I refused. But did then he says something? Like ... "I asked again.

"Well, it's okay. I'll bring your brother up. "My older brother and say together.

I think that's when I stopped dreaming of him again.

Precisely 13 years next month since our little brother died. One morning in December, I returned home from a morning run and find an ambulance parked in front of our house. Mom found my brother in his bed, already lying dead.

I do not know if my little brother had a dream the same dream with us. Does he followed him to the edge of the river? Or was it because he was the youngest among us? Or maybe he died of an illness is not yet known?

I decided not to tell my parents about this. This is the secret of me and my older brother only knows.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Fatal Hairdo

The Hairdo is a legend about a woman who wore her hair into a bun and refused to wash it. This story is also known under the title "The Fatal Hairdo" or "Spiders in the Hair". Several years ago, there was an elderly woman who really likes her hair into a big rolls. She was very proud of her hair that way and felt that she was the most fashionable among her friends. She did not feel that the hairstyle It was already past its time a few years ago.

The woman was very lazy and do not like to spend the time to wash and style the hair. Instead she was just left her hair in a bun just like that, the same as before. In fact, she never really washed it. Whenever she bathed, she was would use a head covering to prevent water and damaging the hair model. At night, she was could sleep with a towel wrapped around her hair.

Soon, her hair began to smell of. To cover up the smells, she instead add an hairspray on it. When her scalp it feels itchy, she constantly spraying. Although itch never went away and there was only more itch, which relied only her hair sprays. One morning, when she did not come down for breakfast, her husband went up to the bedroom to wake him up. However, he was then shocked fears after finding his wife had died since last night.

At first police believed the woman had a heart attack while sleeping, because there is not a mark on her body. Although the forensic experts had been autopsied him, he was also could not find what caused her death. Then when he was finally checked her hair, a forensic expert had found something very frightening.

A spider BlackWidow has been nested inside a roll of her hair and hatching their eggs. When a babies spider out of the shell, they bite the woman's scalp through the skull and has been eating its brain.
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New Pet of Mexico

This story is also known by the title "New Pet". A woman went to Mexico to spend holidays. When she was bored staying at the hotel, she decided to explore the streets in town. After shopping a bit of stuff and souvenirs, she then saw a little dog walking between two walls of large buildings. She was instantly attracted to the cute little animals and follow it. When she catches the dog, she carried him and the dog started licking her face. The dog had no collar or marks on the body, so she thought the dog was no employer. The dog was really cute so she decided to keep it.

Because constitute a violation to bring home the animals from Mexico to the United States, so on the way home, she hid the little dog under her jacket and pretended to be pregnant. The guard at the door of the airport and then let it out without the slightest suspicion. Back at home, she took her new pet into her apartment and then bathe. After that she gave a bowl of food to the little dog. Taking a piece of thick cloth in the kitchen for the pet animals to sleep, and then she went alone to the restaurant for a dinner.

When she came home a few hours later and walked into the kitchen, she found the dog had been chewing on the wood wall. There are some signs that strange in the eyes the animal, and a foam from the mouth. Worried pet is ill, she covered with a blanket and let it sleep in her room. The next morning, the woman woke up and found the animal drooling in her ear. She shouted and pushed him away. She then realized that her new pet was really sick, so she took him to a veterinarian. She sat patiently in the doctor's room, and waited.

As soon as the vet was out, the woman approached him while carrying a pet in her arms.

"Something is wrong with my dog," she said.

The doctor glanced at it and then asked, "What did you say this?"

"I'm not sure of the kind," replied the woman. "I think this race of Mexico are rare."

The vet shook his head. "It's not a dog," he said, "It's a sewer rat."

The woman was shocked. "Rat sewer?" she hysterical.

"Yes," replied the doctor. "But the bad news, its rabies".
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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Legend of The Hook

The Hook is a legend that tells the lovers who were dating at a place. This story is also known by the title of Hook Man. One night in the summer, a young man goes on a date with his girlfriend. He was met her at her house and they came together towards the suburbs. They then parked the car in a spot known as the Lover's Lane.

Legend of The Hook

As they watched the flickering lights of the city from there, the young man turned on the car radio so that the music of romantic songs can fill their nights. He was leaned back and young couples started kissing and hugging. The music was then suddenly stopped and the voice of a newsreader was heard from the radio.

"Here's an important announcement. At the beginning of the night, a mentally ill killer has escaped from the asylum. The police warned its citizens to keep watch for these patients suspected of armed and endanger the people. An insane killer nicknamed "Hook Man" because after losing his right hand in an accident, he replaced it with an iron hook. Every person in the area are required to report immediately if there is a man who has the same characteristics as that. If you see anything suspicious, please report it to the police immediately".

The girl became scared and asked to go home. She knows that the asylum was not far from that place. She also worried about where they parked the vehicle is a place away from the crowd, and it could be the right place for a dangerous madman who was looking for a place to hide there.

The young man felt himself brave and convince his girlfriend that they are completely safe. He locked the doors of his car, and tried to kiss her again. She was getting restless and pushed, she was determined to get out of here as soon as possible. Sighed with annoyance, the young man then put the steering gear with the rough and the tires moving backward from where they were parked.

On the way home, they both began to calm down but she was still hugged her boyfriend. When they arrived at the house of the girl, the young man out of the car and walked around to open the car door. Quite a long time he stood there, staring at the door. At first the girl did not know if there is something wrong but then later she realized the door was still locked. She smiled and unlocked it. Still, the young man stood there.

The girl was confused and rotate down of the car window. She then saw her boyfriend who was looking down at the handle. Slowly she looked down and started screaming out loud. There, hanging on the handle, a bloody iron hooks.
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