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Friday, March 18, 2016

Folklore Story of a Sidi Nouman and The Ghoul

The story of a Sidi Nouman is a spooky story about a man who marries a woman named Amina, where he had never seen her face. This story is based on ancient folklore in the Arab countries, in the tales of 1001 nights. There was a young man named Sidi Nouman who came from a wealthy family. He was had wanted to get married, but had never met the his bride. He never even saw at her face. Following the custom of the time, the marriage was arranged by his parents. And for women who want to marry should keep her face remains hidden behind the veil until after her wedding day. What is known by Sidi is merely a name the girl of Amina.

When the wedding was finished, Sidi was very curious about a face a newlywed home with him. In their bedroom, Amina opened her veil. Sidi then pleasantly surprised with an enchanting beauty of his wife. Shrouded cheerfulness, he held her and hugged her tight. And their honeymoon begins. After the wedding day, Sidi Nouman and his wife were sitting in the dining room. The waitress then came and serves a variety of delicious food on the table. Somehow, when Sidi was eating his food, he then notice that his wife was not eating anything.

When he saw it, Amina then pulled a small metal box from her pocket and opened it. She then took a long needle and use the needle to take rice, grain by grain. After only take a few grains of rice, Amina put the needle back in place and away from the dining table. In the following days after that, whenever they ate together, Sidi realizes that his wife rarely eat at all. Sometimes she just swallow a few pieces of bread and sat down. Her strange behavior started making Sidi worry.

One night, when Amina thought her husband was asleep, she slowly got out of bed. Sidi just pretending to be asleep and when he heard his wife got out of bed, he became suspicious. Still his eyes tightly closed, he heard his wife dressed hastily and slipped quietly out of the room. When she was gone, he immediately got up and dressed to follow. He watched his wife leave the house and walk the streets. He ran downstairs and out the front door chased him under the moonlight of scary, go to a cemetery.

It was late at night and Sidi creep into the shadows and peered over the cemetery wall. He was then shocked when he saw Amina toward the middle of the tomb where she was met a man who was digging a grave. Sidi was too far away to hear what they were saying. Amina and the man dig up a new grave and opened the coffin. Sidi then stunned and scared, when he saw them pulling out a decomposing body in it, cut it up and eat the bodies. Eat voraciously to satisfy their hunger. Was still persist in its hiding place, watching the scene disgusting Sidi shaking his wife who was chewing on rotting flesh from the corpse.

When finished eating everything, Amina and the mysterious man to collect the bones and put them back into place, cover it with soil. Do not believe what he had just witnessed, Sidi was forced to go away from the cemetery. Ran back to the house and climbed into the bed, pretending to be asleep when his wife came back. Amina took off her dress and slipped under the covers, not knowing that the secret has been uncovered poor. Sidi Nouman could not sleep for the rest of that night and the next morning, he was went out of the house before Amina waking. He was headed into town to ask a psychic and figure out what to do. He was tells him about the marriage, her eating habits were suspicious and he saw the terrible scenes when in a cemetery.

"Your wife is a Ghoul," the psychic said. "One of the demons that roam the city, make their nests in the old buildings are abandoned and slipped between people for eat their meat. If they do not find a prey that is alive, they would go to cemeteries to look for the body. "

"What should I do?" Sidi pleaded with tears. "Please tell me."

The psychic then gives him a small bottle in his hand containing a dark liquid.

"Take this and go home immediately." He said. "When the time comes, throw this concoction into her eyes and you will see what you have to see".

When Sidi return home, when it was a time of their lunch. His wife later welcome him and drove it to the dinner table. The waiter then presents some of the food in front of them. As usual, Amina and pulled the iron box, take out the needle and began to crochet the rice one by one, and put it in her mouth.

"Why Amina?" Sidi said quietly. "Is there something wrong with the food?"

"No, I'm just not hungry." She replied.

"Maybe there is something else, you want to eat" Sidi said that. "From all this, surely there is nothing are sweeter than a bodies of rotting flesh".

Shortly after hearing the sentence, Amina turn violent. Her face turned purple, eyes bulging like want to jump out of place. Showing her teeth, Amina across the table and violently tried to catch Sidi. But she was too slow. Sidi has opened the bottle and threw the liquid into the eyes of Amina. Immediately her face turned black.

Her skin began to smoke and flesh stuck to the body, falling from the bone. Sidi fear of watching his wife's face started to melt. The woman then fell on her knees and her body was charred and melted in front of him. After all of that, that was left was a thick black mud puddle where Amina was made.

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