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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Fatal Hairdo

The Hairdo is a legend about a woman who wore her hair into a bun and refused to wash it. This story is also known under the title "The Fatal Hairdo" or "Spiders in the Hair". Several years ago, there was an elderly woman who really likes her hair into a big rolls. She was very proud of her hair that way and felt that she was the most fashionable among her friends. She did not feel that the hairstyle It was already past its time a few years ago.

The woman was very lazy and do not like to spend the time to wash and style the hair. Instead she was just left her hair in a bun just like that, the same as before. In fact, she never really washed it. Whenever she bathed, she was would use a head covering to prevent water and damaging the hair model. At night, she was could sleep with a towel wrapped around her hair.

Soon, her hair began to smell of. To cover up the smells, she instead add an hairspray on it. When her scalp it feels itchy, she constantly spraying. Although itch never went away and there was only more itch, which relied only her hair sprays. One morning, when she did not come down for breakfast, her husband went up to the bedroom to wake him up. However, he was then shocked fears after finding his wife had died since last night.

At first police believed the woman had a heart attack while sleeping, because there is not a mark on her body. Although the forensic experts had been autopsied him, he was also could not find what caused her death. Then when he was finally checked her hair, a forensic expert had found something very frightening.

A spider BlackWidow has been nested inside a roll of her hair and hatching their eggs. When a babies spider out of the shell, they bite the woman's scalp through the skull and has been eating its brain.

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