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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Pet of Mexico

This story is also known by the title "New Pet". A woman went to Mexico to spend holidays. When she was bored staying at the hotel, she decided to explore the streets in town. After shopping a bit of stuff and souvenirs, she then saw a little dog walking between two walls of large buildings. She was instantly attracted to the cute little animals and follow it. When she catches the dog, she carried him and the dog started licking her face. The dog had no collar or marks on the body, so she thought the dog was no employer. The dog was really cute so she decided to keep it.

Because constitute a violation to bring home the animals from Mexico to the United States, so on the way home, she hid the little dog under her jacket and pretended to be pregnant. The guard at the door of the airport and then let it out without the slightest suspicion. Back at home, she took her new pet into her apartment and then bathe. After that she gave a bowl of food to the little dog. Taking a piece of thick cloth in the kitchen for the pet animals to sleep, and then she went alone to the restaurant for a dinner.

When she came home a few hours later and walked into the kitchen, she found the dog had been chewing on the wood wall. There are some signs that strange in the eyes the animal, and a foam from the mouth. Worried pet is ill, she covered with a blanket and let it sleep in her room. The next morning, the woman woke up and found the animal drooling in her ear. She shouted and pushed him away. She then realized that her new pet was really sick, so she took him to a veterinarian. She sat patiently in the doctor's room, and waited.

As soon as the vet was out, the woman approached him while carrying a pet in her arms.

"Something is wrong with my dog," she said.

The doctor glanced at it and then asked, "What did you say this?"

"I'm not sure of the kind," replied the woman. "I think this race of Mexico are rare."

The vet shook his head. "It's not a dog," he said, "It's a sewer rat."

The woman was shocked. "Rat sewer?" she hysterical.

"Yes," replied the doctor. "But the bad news, its rabies".

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