Most Haunted House in Peru

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La Casa Matusita or often also called the Yellow House is a haunted house that has a real story in Lima, Peru. This is a very famous legend in Peru. A strange house, the bright yellow in Lima, Peru said to become the cursed house. The name of the house is "La Casa Matusita" and according to the legend, a group of people have ever killed in cold blood on the second floor of this old building. A few years ago an elderly man occupies a yellow house. He has a wife and children who live with the maid and a chef. The man inhabiting the second floor of this house and the servants lived on the ground floor.

The old man is a person who is very bad temperament and are often treats his maid unfairly, continued to torment and insulting them. The maids are really hate this old man. They then plan something to embarrass his employer. One day, the old man held a dinner party. Each guest attending and were seated on in the dining room, the maids that saw it decides that this is the right time to unleash their vengeance. They added the illegal dr*g LSD that can cause of people hallucinating, into the food they serve to the employer and his guests.

Then the maids left the room, and then quietly locked the door of the dining room. They are resting in the kitchen while waiting for the results of their plan. After 15 minutes passed, they began to hear the voices of anger and the the plates were broken. Whereupon they laughed in delight. But shortly following screams were rude and some eerie screams, the maids began to worry.

The chef and the other maid opened the door of the dining room and frightened to see the terrible scenes they found in it. The walls and ceiling were stained with blood. On the floor lay the limp bodies and the parts of their organs, eyes, hands, organs, of the head apart. The guests covered by a sense of cruel and horror.

One by one each guest in the dining room, included their employers, have ended tragically. Craze because of hallucinogenic drugs, guests kill each other in a way that never imagined. The apparition was extremely brutal, causing the maids lose their common sense. Frightened with the massacre that they caused and worried they will be executed according to the law, the maid was decided to take his own life, hanging them from the ceiling in the dining room.

Since then, a yellow house in Peru that has be haunted reputation. A lot of people are afraid to approach the place. Is said the house began to collapse and corrupted up to were sold a few years later by the developer. After that, a Japanese family moved into the house. They did not know the history of this old building along with the scary reputation. On the night they entered the house, the husband took a knife and killed his entire family before killing himself.

The house was then left empty just to a few years later up to a pastor in the city are required to carry out the expulsion of the evil spirits from the premises. The owner wanted the house 'cleaned up' in order to sold. The pastor then entered the ground floor without any significant problems. But when he was on the second floor, he was attacked an extremely fear up to killing him.

Another of the most famous cases is a television presenter and also a comedian Humberto Vera Vilchez, betting on a live broadcast, he said that he would spend a seven nights alone in the house. He then was staying for the night over there, and the next morning, he was found lying on the sidewalk. He lost his mind and eventually put into a mental hospital. He was never heard again since that time.

Is said from the time to time, a creepy screams and cries could still be heard from the La Casa Matusita. Some people even see the appearance a frightening figure skulking in the second floor window. Today, the ground floor of the yellow house is rented out for business purposes. However, the second floor remains unoccupied and is locked tight. According to the legend, if a group of people went to stay overnight on the second floor of the yellow house, they would be mad all night and slaughtered each other, seemed demonstrated the terrible incident that happened over there so many years before.

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