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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dream of The Hide and Seek

This story about my little brother, who was still a grade 4 elementary school. I'm still in high school, and my brother had just entered into a vocational school. My older brother was in flight school so he was rarely at home, while I was a member of the school's athletic club so I always a morning run every day.

One day in the summer, I got up as fast as usual but my little brother, who should still sleeping under my bed, it was not in his bed. I think he went to the toilet, so I came out without thinking about it. But then, I found him asleep on the floor outside our room. I went to wake him before a morning run. When I thought about it more, I realized that our room door locked when I came out.

From that day on, my little brother often disappear, and each time was found been somewhere in our house. Although he never came out, he always found hiding under a table, or in a narrow place in the cupboard.

We've forgotten all about it when on New Year's Eve, we gathered together and joked and laughed about the memories with our family. Mom began, "You all ever walked while the dream."

I do not even remember when I ever walked in a dream and I do not know when my brother ever so.

But suddenly I remembered something. I should ask my brother.

"When you were a kid, did you ever dream the same dream all the time? Dreams of playing hide and seek? "

"Well ... if I remember correctly, I never had a dream like that when I was in elementary school."

"And ... the child be with you, did he asked you to go with him?"

"You mean, to the edge of the river? I never follow it. "Replied older brother.

"Me, too. I refused. But did then he says something? Like ... "I asked again.

"Well, it's okay. I'll bring your brother up. "My older brother and say together.

I think that's when I stopped dreaming of him again.

Precisely 13 years next month since our little brother died. One morning in December, I returned home from a morning run and find an ambulance parked in front of our house. Mom found my brother in his bed, already lying dead.

I do not know if my little brother had a dream the same dream with us. Does he followed him to the edge of the river? Or was it because he was the youngest among us? Or maybe he died of an illness is not yet known?

I decided not to tell my parents about this. This is the secret of me and my older brother only knows.

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