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Friday, March 18, 2016

The Myth Story of Doppelganger

Doppelganger is a myth and the term used to describe someone who looked like a strange phenomenon, exactly, even with the same name as another person. This phenomenon is said to bring bad omen for someone who met its Doppelganger. Doppelganger comes from the combination of two words, namely the Germany-speaking doppel meaning two (double) and ganger which means pedestrians (walkers). If these two words are combined, the term Doppelganger is a figure that imitating someone who is still alive in this world.

Impersonator figure is also unknown whether the intangibles such as human, shadow, or just a flash appearance. Doppelganger is said to mimic what someone has done, but sometimes also do something in advance of the borrowed will be done later. Some of the sightings doppelganger imitate one's deeds is told bodes ill for the people. There are a lot of deaths attributed to the emergence of this doppelganger.

Abraham Lincoln, the president of the United States 16, reportedly had seen the doppelganger himself in the mirror, right next to the reflections, in late 1860 shortly after winning the presidential election. This twin looked very pale and ill. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln are people who believe in superstitions, they assume the appearance of twinning Abraham Lincoln was a bad omen.

Queen Elizabeth I was the one who met the doppelganger himself before died. When she went into her bedroom, and saw himself lying on the bed with facial expressions of pain and pale. Not long from it, she fell ill and died in the same bed.

Sometimes doppelganger appeared before the relatives and family of a person, shortly before she died. Families who meet the twin of her relatives will not know that it was not him, but the truth will be revealed when the person had died some time after the incident.

In The Story of Myth, doppelganger is said to follow a man who imitated to kill or captive replaced in order to live the life of that person. These stories are commonplace in tell children that if that happens then they would have fared badly.

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