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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Legend of The Hook

The Hook is a legend that tells the lovers who were dating at a place. This story is also known by the title of Hook Man. One night in the summer, a young man goes on a date with his girlfriend. He was met her at her house and they came together towards the suburbs. They then parked the car in a spot known as the Lover's Lane.

Legend of The Hook

As they watched the flickering lights of the city from there, the young man turned on the car radio so that the music of romantic songs can fill their nights. He was leaned back and young couples started kissing and hugging. The music was then suddenly stopped and the voice of a newsreader was heard from the radio.

"Here's an important announcement. At the beginning of the night, a mentally ill killer has escaped from the asylum. The police warned its citizens to keep watch for these patients suspected of armed and endanger the people. An insane killer nicknamed "Hook Man" because after losing his right hand in an accident, he replaced it with an iron hook. Every person in the area are required to report immediately if there is a man who has the same characteristics as that. If you see anything suspicious, please report it to the police immediately".

The girl became scared and asked to go home. She knows that the asylum was not far from that place. She also worried about where they parked the vehicle is a place away from the crowd, and it could be the right place for a dangerous madman who was looking for a place to hide there.

The young man felt himself brave and convince his girlfriend that they are completely safe. He locked the doors of his car, and tried to kiss her again. She was getting restless and pushed, she was determined to get out of here as soon as possible. Sighed with annoyance, the young man then put the steering gear with the rough and the tires moving backward from where they were parked.

On the way home, they both began to calm down but she was still hugged her boyfriend. When they arrived at the house of the girl, the young man out of the car and walked around to open the car door. Quite a long time he stood there, staring at the door. At first the girl did not know if there is something wrong but then later she realized the door was still locked. She smiled and unlocked it. Still, the young man stood there.

The girl was confused and rotate down of the car window. She then saw her boyfriend who was looking down at the handle. Slowly she looked down and started screaming out loud. There, hanging on the handle, a bloody iron hooks.

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