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Friday, March 18, 2016

Ghost Ship of The Flying Dutchman

This incident allegedly occurred in 1641 when Hendrik van der Decken vowed to surround the Cape of Good Hope until doomsday. Since that figure was never seen again. His fate was unknown. But many witnesses said, even swear that they often see when the captain known as, The Flying Dutchman, suddenly in the sea around there, and then disappeared. Sometimes the ghost ship was so close to their ships so that they can see clearly. The sailors call, the appearance of the ghost ship of The Flying Dutchman, as a bad omen for the ship to see it. Not because the ghost ship that they fear, but a bad disaster that would befall if see the appearance of the ship.

One example is when the ghost ship appeared and witnessed by the crew of King George V, in 1881. Thus that is written testimony. "At 4 AM the Flying Dutchman crossed in front of us. It's strange, all the lights in the ship was lit up bright red, in the middle existing the pillars which lit".

In the morning the sailors who witnessed the appearance of the Flying Dutchman died mysteriously. Another version of the story of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship The Flying Dutchman ghost ship is one story that is very well known and have been legendary throughout the world. There have been many books written by lifting the story of this legend, even in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006) and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007) the ghost ship is also raised.

According to folklore, the Flying Dutchman is a ghost ship that can never be docked, but have to wade through "seven seas" forever. Flying Dutchman is always visible from a distance, sometimes irradiated with a light highlight dim. Many versions of this story. According to some sources, this legend came from the Netherlands, while the others to claim that it comes from theatrical England of The Flying Dutchman (1826) by Edward Fitzball and the novel "The Phantom Ship" (1837) by Frederick Marryat, later adapted to Dutch story "Vliegend Het Schip" (The Flying Ship) by the Dutch pastor AHC Römer.

Other versions by Richard Wagner (1841) and "The Flying Dutchman on the Tappan Sea" by Washington Irving (1855). Several reliable sources said that in the 17th century a Dutch captain named Bernard Fokke (another version called the captain "Ramhout Van Dam" or "Van der Decken") sailed the seas from Holland to Java with incredible speed. He is suspected of asking for help to reach speeds of demon earlier. But amid his voyage to the Cape of God Hope sudden bad weather, so that the ship was stuck. Then one of the crew asked that the cruise stopped.

But the captain did not want to, then he said, "I swear I will not retreat and will continue through the storm to reach the destination city, or I and all of my ship crew will be damned forever" Suddenly a storm hit the ship so that they lose against nature. And cursed forever The captain along with his crew became undead and sailing across the seven seas forever. It is said that the ship was condemned to sail the seven oceans until the end of time. then the story was spread very rapidly throughout the world.

Many witnesses that claimed to have seen this ghost ship. In 1939 the ship was visible in Mulkzenberg. In 1941 a group of people at Glencairn beach to watch the sail boat that suddenly disappears when it will hit rocks. Sightings The Flying Dutchman was again seen by the crew of Jubilee M.H.S military ship near Cape Town in August 1942. In fact, there is a record of the story of the voyage of Christopher Columbus, when the crew Columbus saw the ship stalled stranded with the screen expands. after the first crew saw immediately died immediately.

This myth also tells if a modern ship saw this ghost ship and a modern crew gave the signal, then the modern ship would sink. For a sailor, an unexpected encounter with a ghost ship of The Flying Dutchman will bring danger to them and said, there is a way to circumvent the possibility bump into the ghost ship, ie with a pair of horseshoe in the mast ship as protection.

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