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Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Message From Demons

Hello my dear. You do not know who I was, but I know who you are. I was one of the three demons were always with you since you were born. Some people in the world were destined to become a great man, destined to be happy, to enjoy life. You? Unfortunately, not part of them, it is our duty to guarantee it.

Who are we? Oh sorry for this immodesty. Allow me to introduce us as a representative. Humiliation is my brother, the devil on your left shoulder. Whispered humiliation and assure that you are a freak, insane. He says that you're not normal, that you are the source of evil, a figure were could never be accepted. He that said and convince yourself, that you're no more than a piece of junk. Thank him for making you hate yourself.

Frightened sitting on your right shoulder. He was is my brother, its age is as old as the word of life itself. Frightened filled every corner of the darkest in you with monsters and ghosts an invisible. He was that changing every stranger on the street into a killer figure in mind. He was introduce you to the "fact" that there is a terrible entity cowering behind the cloak of darkness.

Frightened also prevents you to speak up on the figure of the idol. He who convince you to never try that eventually you fall on a bottomless abyss of failure. Frightened makes build prisons for yourselves. So, who am I?

I was the most terrible demon that is in you, yet you accept me as being a friend. You turned to me when there was nothing left, always, because I live in your heart, your soul. I am the person who forced you to stay afloat and to bear all the burdens of life. A figure that makes you into a prolonged torment and eternal.
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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

No One Dared To Say MOU

Are you all heard regarding superstition a saying that when we travel there somewhere or where not a house our ban on speech blunder, and was mouth Offering to or keeping there, lest they should not mind? I have a real thing I've ever experienced since the two.

Often before I travel whither Mom, I'm always reminded that to a place distinctive must be able to ask overpasses or keeping there and give careful oral careful musicians from speaking blunder, not to be charges dont give only when we arrived at where I did not forget to pray quietly to ask them stay there. One day Mom, I call entice you to play Som no plans yet figured want to go went immediately so we have also issued travel from Phnom Penh at the eleventh hour that there were 4 people, including me, Santa Anita and brother Shan was a sweetheart, Annie.

Indeed, to travel at night is not easy, and Som are also large car driver, he drove very fast formidable front I rode with him the brahaongpoh out. Travel along I chat with obesity are numerous, not because he was bored back if you need to say no sleep because they have the same smoldering in suddenly asked me:

Santa: You're afraid of ghosts?
Me : How you ask dont night, if I say that not afraid of you believe?
Santa: very strong words haunted look, but do not call me to help him
Me : The Phantom of something scary, but I'm not afraid
Background: Aaron dont like speech (talking and laughing hurt me), and continue to drive as usual
In fact, I'm afraid, but speak not into him only the beginning, not easily take their weaknesses.
Finally we arrived at the hotel around an near Pos Room 105 (anonymity) at 11pm we were sleeping room together of four (for confirmation, I sleep beds, two Annie brother Shan and brother Santa sleeping bed). Arrival room after resting a bit elder also enter dive and he said hurry up to seek eating because he hunger every man came into the bathroom once one remaining I the last, before entering the elder Santa teasing me, "Neal Elias Elias entered alone and any need not to bring girls long hair, go in with," he says, and he laughs doing lift allotment my fish and walked into the bathroom, both hiss.

I dressed in the bathroom and was withdrawn Tools Make Up put on the Caribbean ribbons are comb suddenly ten perfume I fell on luggage t for no good reason, I guess, like, something to pull it to, because I'm not human carelessness, but I trust in the very deep, just noises fall immediately Annie, their mom, I called these concerns "Ya Ha born for this?" I shout, "she said, just crumbs perfume perfectly," I answered like this because they do not want you to worry and fear to speak, and I bowed picking shrapnel perfume.

When I stand up, I poor Vietnamese white eyes in the mirror and suddenly someone drop hair standing behind me, and when I turned around I did not see anything. I remembered to verbal Mom, I forget that once inside the room, I have not been asked of you keeping here I also exclaimed softly: "The overpasses and who maintained here offspring Come and stay all night if descendants say khosameatkhosak the Do brakebrakean descendants OK" to speak, and I took the baggage comes out, and we have also left much to seek eat and came to hang out at the beach Teil despite late bit but there are also people in the play fireworks, some dancing, full beach looks very happy, and we got to play fun with them.

About 2 and a half to go, and each such tired very brother also calls us back to the hotel again. Each arrived back unconscious pretty straight three o'clock, and I could not sleep but Annie leaped and hugged me, I also brushed it off, it shapes your senses gently and said, "hug only did Harold" I also Baillie to it, "he hugged what summer chngngeab" talk and I also kicked the blanket down and Annie also turned to sleep normally not a minute too Air started very cold unusually I begin to cool to go, then I rose pull because yesterday I kicked the blanket arrived toe just me slightly Alas body girl sitting back at the toe.

I head rolling slowly, even though the room shaped dark a little bit, but I see clearly that on her head and blood stop her wearing color orange drop hair only half back I'm sure that not everyone, but I know that she faces the looking at me or not, nhroh I did not dare look her my shape conscious memory bit I tried relaxation and rushed hand to pull the blanket taken cover feeble hug their mom, I also Annie said to me tired, "threatening whats Harold took hold of my next meh? And it's new shaking dont Harold haunted, not al this?".

Say and it also lying behind me I do not know should do nothing but meditation natural heart softly and tried to dull sleep at Texas, not in Haman hours longer will shine now. Morning, hours eight Each yet recovering but I went down below to find the person to ask to know exactly what I saw last night is clear, not a person, not as chomneangophteah okay, I walked toward Putin one older he is a zoo park.

Me : How are you um
He : Yes, nephew (he smiles at me)
Me : Um, I want to ask a little um dont Um worked here over the years?
He : Um at work here since the opening of first instance, if you are okay?
Me : I want to ask UM with room 105 (And this UM started to change facial expressions) because last night I met bad
He : Last night you sleep in a room 105 that Hess Um thought it was happening? (He says such thinking about something)
Me : I'm pretty sure Um, last night I saw a very fresh ghost
He : Actually, um do not want to recall because it does not want to khauchachhmoh hotel but um agreed to tell the story of this niece listen only niece was promised that he would not allow this matter known to anyone anymore Um fear of hurting the hotel because the owner of the hotel is a good man, he helped Um lot

Me : Um, I promise
He : A few years ago there sweetheart couple came to stay here with bookings in two nights in the night, one may 11 pm they came back room with the boy drunk with guests who are staying near there said heard two girlfriend perfectly bickered still perplexed quarrel anything after a while they heard a woman's girlfriend shouted and quiet once thought maybe they came to sleep homework just did not worry about 3am staff nna bank saw a girlfriend walked away hurriedly, but they also do not have any doubt because it thinks it might have been to seek eat.

Monday to eight and they did not see the man's girlfriend back and invisible women girlfriend came down also skeptical, and went up to see when we arrived room, knocked on the door several times without response personnel, we also decided to remove the lock, another pour Once entered they saw the woman as a girlfriend lying dead lift flooring luggage t who heads the blood and eyes wide, looked like grudges very much after what was done, the hotel quickly resolve this matter, not to have the information to negotiate rumors began their transmitted bodies to pagodas and looking for a relative few days later.

The police contacted the owner of the hotel that was the man's girlfriend and the man's girlfriend has pleaded guilty all soon hear the man had killed himself in prison dead. The hotel was not invited monks to Blessing, they just bought to SEN. Skip was 1 also had guests staying the room, yet in a few also went move by night and have guests series that were not President seen as such also invited monk came Blessing dedicated to after celebrating and UM never seen any client matter anymore just hear nephew came and told Um such Um also started wondering why he showed to nephew saw Um think maybe fortune nephew fell and there say the MOU, or not?

Me: Hmmm !!!! I'm kidding, but do not think they Um, and I apologized to them and
He: Maybe next they want to warn you, and shall say, nephew
Me: Thank you Um, I dont go back, and fear not my friends because the phone to
He: Well, good luck nephew
Then I went to play beach Pos bit pm, they travel back to that night, I remember days forever, no one dared to say the MOU.
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Alone In The Dark

Hey my name is Vinnie, im 15 years old and i live in Erie. Nothing scary really ever happens to me, except for a few nights ago, i havent slept good since the incident. This is the only way i feel i can relieve some of the fear, to tell you my story. Well anyway, like i said it was a few nights ago, July 11, 2005, i was dead tired because i just got done seeing my girlfriend all day so i decided to hit the sack a little earlier than normal.

Everything was routine for me as usual, i brushed my teeth and washed up and I went into my room, shut my lights off, closed my door, and got into bed. I was only asleep for about 2 and a half hours when i woke up out of a dead sleep. My room looked hazy, but i figured it was just because i was waking up like i normally dont do. So i rubbed my eyes and sat up and looked around and in the far corner of my room i saw something that sent a chill up my spine, i couldnt move.

I didnt know what to think, there in my corner was an old woman battered and beaten staring right back at me. I couldnt run for my door because she was standing in the corner by it. I tried to scream but i couldnt i completely froze. I was half paralyzed but i could still move my eyes so i looked down and shut them, suddenly i could move again so i hid under my covers and curled up in a ball and closed my eyes tight.

I thought she was gone so i peaked out of my covers and she was right beside my bed, bent over looking me in the face. Her face was scarred and bloody, i quickly pulled the covers back over my head and started praying. Soon after i started to pray i became relaxed and went to sleep totally hidden from everything under my covers still. I woke up and to my surprise, it was night time once again. I had slept the day away, at this point it was about 11 p.m. and i wasnt tired at all.

So i layed there thinking to myself. Was it a dream? I close my eyes trying to remember what had really happend but i couldnt quite remember, and when i opened them the old woman had returned. Then my lights went on and off slowly. The first time they went off and came back on i saw she started to walk towards me, the second time it happend she was right next to my bed with a knife held high over her head with an evil looking smile on her face.

I got up and i tried to run through her, and i did. I turned around once i got to my door and she was stabbing right where i was laying. I opened my door and sprinted down stairs to tell my parents but they said i was dreaming and told me to go back to bed. Of course i didnt go back up there, i ended up sleeping on the couch. When i woke up it was morning to my reliefe and right away i went to my room with my buck knife in hand.

I searched for clues of a woman being in my room and stab marks in my bed, but i found nothing. So i decided to do some research. It turned out that before i moved into my house, an old couple lived there. My room was the couples former room. The man, Charles, was a ex-convict who abused his wife constantly and one day his wife, Rose Mary, had enough with his abusiveness and in the middle of the night she snuck into their room and murdered him in cold blood. I guess that explains everything, yes this is a true story and i hope that you liked it.
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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Dead in Room Number 5

For room patients generally have a dead, it is not anything special, but what is strange is that patients who stayed in Room 5, the condition they started better gradually and according to the conclusions of the president, medical patients do not need hospitalization continued. Because one thing that doctor Scouts received a rebuke from President Medical badly. When the doctor Scouts have yet to discover the cause of deaths before 2 patients died is just over a week after only 1 patient was in Room 5. When the 3 patients who survived in Room 5 die without reason again is made Doctor Scouts spent many interpreted to family reasons.

But his ability to just say when the death of a patient only is dead on Friday at about 11. A week later, a patient dying continued the bodies of the deceased, no infection, no drug use beyond limited, but who die are killed with no reason the same. This is the room number 5 has claimed the lives of 7 people without reason. Despite illness, their different these patients have kids have old female, male, but something in common only is dead on Friday before 12am without cause in room 5 untouched and under the care of Doctor Scouts alike. Rumors that there are ghosts in the hospital had leaked and media quickly from the hospital.

Curtains in room number 5 was closed because not only have no nurse any volunteer to care in the room, even in patients who stayed in Room 4 next was also nepotism switch to other hospitals also do this to avoid to escape from the care of the doctor or bronze. Doctor or Bronze almost back to, and because of this issue. A research repeatedly check repeatedly finally doctor Scouts only agree to face the brutality of these he admits he existent knowledge and. Now, he evades not want to recall what happened, but he stopped taking his Welsh guards Friday night to room No. 5 In short, he was scared and he was afraid to die.

Forces that could not see this one confirm that Heller bronze just a man though he was a student medics from college in New York, however, he was a specialist in surgery of heart yet will he not accept duty Friday night, too. Not only him, but also accepting the duty Friday night, even doctors the hospital also refused the same. The weather on Friday evening, adorning nonstop rain. Hours eighth night, suddenly there are heart disease, one was sent to the hospital emergency. Crossing the rescue of President Hospital and medical Scouts also save the lives of a man it again after the rescued patients were dragged out of the room realized that rooms that suite is left room No. 5. The only then, proud that he save the lives of patients lost an instant. Now, besides the patients who are not its de no one near our room No. 5.

When clocks chitadlmaong 12 people in the hospital to find an excuse to leave out by one doctor Scouts in the face of a ghost force approaching alone. Doctor or Bronze shaking his fear itself can tolerate the dark forces fear that what they need is not a single patient himself. Doctor Scouts hiding under the table wearing wrist watches that cost thousands of dollars. 1 minute has passed in charge why these watches. When the clock reached the point 12am Roosevelt Room 5 from silent to wind lampposts seems people are rejected curtain way to start a voice. Gloomy atmosphere, forcing the doctor Scouts face facts coolest special forces came Kenny lives in Room 5.

To satisfy the obligation to protect patients Heller Scouts have worked hard Stand stepping into the room patients, he shouted, "Patients no errors if I insulted you, the invitation will come to take my life to go down." Screaming gradually he walked to catch the curtains gradually time he had seen the cleaning person taking plugs oxygen Shell's patients out for cleaning. He was a cleaner who had just moved to his new turn Friday from 2 pm to 12 nights really Ironically never seen such a foolish cleaning before.
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Monday, April 25, 2016

The Ghost of Kwai Mau

Hi, my name is Kevin and I'm from Canada. I have a very interesting story to tell you that I believe to be true. This story took place a few months (July of 1997) ago when I was back in Hong Kong. When I was in Hong Kong, I lived with a relative of mine in a apartment complex. We would visit some of the sites in Hong Kong and spend lots of money. We decided to go to one of the tourist sites that contained a cemetery. We arrived and to our surprise there were lots of people there that day.

I walked around, looking at tombstones and wondered about the designs (some tombstones where designed for specific reasons, the chinese are deeply superstitious about these things). while I was walking by myself, I heard what I thought was my mom calling me. I went to her and asked if she had called me, her answer puzzled me. If she hadn't called me, who did?.

That night I was determined crash and sleep. As I was laying in bed about shut off my lights, I heard my name being called again. I got up and went outside, thinking it was my mother again. I walked pass my parents room and peaked in, they were sound asleep. I thought nothing more of it and went to bed.

I spent a good 2 hours awake thinking about the voice I heard. When all of a sudden, I heard it again. This time I was really scared, and I didn't answer the voice. It kept calling me and calling me until it just stopped. The next morning I told my parents and relatives what happened to me the previous night, my uncle looked at my shockingly and said "Kwai Mau".

My mother use to tell me, "when you hear someone calling your name, don't answer back until you know who's calling you, or you will meet up with 'Kwai Mau'". Kwai Mau is a legend about a black cat that comes during your sleep, and inflict wounds on you. Sometimes, it will actually come and take you away. It is said to be evil and will call out to it's victims, waiting for their response. When it's victim responds, the cat takes that as an invitation. Anyway, I think it's best that I explain the origins of Kwai Mau.

"Kwai Mau use to be a living person that was cursed by evil and was doomed to roam the earth for eternity as a black cat, the only way it can find rest, is to feed on humans. It can only do so, if it was invited when it calls out it's victims". The person who was cursed or the evil presence was not identified in the story, needless to say, we all assumed it was only a story.
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Chinese Ghost Story

When my mom and her adoptive family first arrived in Malaysia in the 1930s, the only place they could afford to rent was an apartment above a Chinese funeral parlour. It was cheap because the owners had problems leasing it out, living among the dead is taboo within most cultures, even more so among the highly superstitious Chinese.

In line with Chinese belief that the spirits of the deceased remain on earth for some eight days after death, I'm told mom would often see ghostly figures in their apartment. These were supposedly the spirits of those whose funerals were taking place downstairs. There was the apparition of an old man sitting in their living room on one occasion, and another time, a young girl who wouldn't stop crying. My mom asked why she was upset and she replied that it was because she had to leave this realm and she didn't know where she was going.

My eldest sister remembers looking on in fear as mom consulted spirits by laying out some kind of cloth with writing on it, and seeing the divining saucer move by itself and land on the answers as she asked questions. I've never seen it myself, but it sounds like some kind of Chinese Ouija Board. Then there was the day the principal at Choong Fee's school had to summon my parents to school to tell them their young son was in his office, so terrified he had refused to go home. The reason?

He'd had a premonition that he was going to die young. After that incident, it was well-known that Choong Fee lived his life with a death fixation, seeking out fortune tellers and trying to get in contact with the other side, like my mom before him. I don't know about my siblings since I've generally lived my life quite apart from any of them, but I too have a death fixation. I guess it started with my mom's passing. To have to spend 3 nights at the foot of her coffin in the funeral parlor and to be instructed to tell my mom to "cross the bridge" if I saw her ghost would make an indelible mark on any six-year-old, I guess.

I remember my older sister recounting a vivid dream she had not so long after my mom's death, about mom sitting at the foot of her bed and telling her she was very cold where she was. Not to mention my own morbid dreams about mom that continue to pop up every now and then. When I was a teenager newly arrived in this country, a friend, whose dad was a renowned fortune teller, gave her a chart with my life path drawn out - completely unsolicited.

Despite my dread and trepidation, my curiosity got the better of me and I let her explain its meaning. It highlighted 3 years in which my life would be threatened, if I made it through each of those years, my life would continue unharmed until the next date on the chart. Two of the three years have come and gone, and his forecasts have been seemingly accurate both times (I was the victim of a violent robbery one of those years, and I was in an accident the other - I think). The third year is yet to come.

Because of this kind of history, I've never been of the "all psychics are fake" or "there's no such thing as ghosts" schools of thought, but rather that there is something out there, even if their origins and nature are unexplained. The strident church teaching I was raised with, that frowned on any dabbling with spirit communication, meant that my fascination with the after-life was limited to watching scary movies and, when the genre took hold, paranormal reality TV shows.

At my first Australian school camp, I even tried to get exemption from a compulsory yoga class on account of my religious beliefs. For the best part of my life, I saw people who consulted fortune tellers as weak-minded individuals who were susceptible to fraud, and held them with equal measures, I guess, of derision and pity. That was, until late last year.
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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Whose Hand Was I Holding?

Anyways, This one is one of the many I've experienced. This happened after my grandfather's funeral "God bless his soul". I'm what you call a 2nd-hand smoker, I always, always stick near to my grandfather. So I was pretty heartbroken when he left the world.

I volunteered to keep watch one night during the funeral. making sure no black cat ard, etc. So I was lazily playing blackjack with my relatives when suddenly got black out. The older relatives quickly order everyone around. Hold the person's hand nearest to you and don't move about.

I heard there is a superstition about this, when a blackout happens during a funeral, it means there is alot of "Spirits" around. So I quickly grabbed the nearest hand I could and held tight. Now at this moment, I remembered the hand I was holding on to was quite bony, and I was holding it the way I usually held hands with my grandfather.

Grabbing his index, middle and ring finger. But as soon as I realised that, the lights slowly came on. I thought it must've been one of the older relatives, but to my surprise, there was no one besides me. Question was, whose hand was I holding?.
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Sounds on the Car Roof

"Dear, how long more before we are there?" Jane asked her husband Peter who was driving the old Nissan. Peter and Jane were newly wed. Both of them were Malaysians who worked in Singapore to earn more due to the favourable exchange rates. As Chinese New Year was just around the corner, they had decided to go back to their hometown in Malaysia.

"Another 2 hours at most. Why? Is my dear-dear sleepy? Take a nap and when you open your eyes again, we will be home." Peter touched Jane´s face affectionately as he answered her. "No, I am not tired, just wondering if this old car which you borrowed from Ah Huat can function well till we reach home." Jane asked Peter as the Nissan had just been collected from the workshop in the evening before heading home.

"Don't worry, it will be fine."

The long, bumpy, deserted road in semi-lit lamp-posts looked rather eerie and the trees along the road made the scenery more scary to Jane as she had heard so many "Ghost" stories which happened along this inevitable route back to Malaysia. After driving for another 15 minutes or so, the old Nissan started to cough and purr and finally puffed out its last cough and decided to take a rest.

Peter steered the car to the roadside and switched on the hassle hazard lights in order not to stand in the way of the traffic. He switched off the car engine and waited for 3 minutes before turning the car key again to try to start it. The car coughed and coughed but just refused to start its engine again.

Peter turned and looked at Jane, "Guess its the engine, I am going down to take a look at the engine. Lock the door after I get off." Peter pecked on Jane´s cheek before stepping out of the car to look at the engine. Jane immediately locked the door after Peter got down the car. Peter walked to the front of the car and lifted up the bonnet trying to figure out the problem of the old car.

Jane sat in the car anxiously as she could not see Peter with the bonnet lifted up in front. Slowly and gradually, Jane felt her eye-lids were getting heavier and heavier and she dozed off into sleep. Jane suddenly awake and by looking at her watch, she realised that she had dozed off and for a mere 15 minutes. She looked around but she still could not see Peter as the bonnet was still raised.

Although it was past midnight, a car zoomed past her in an average interval of every 3 to 5 minutes and that made Jane felt better knowing that even if Peter could not fix the car, they should be able to hitch-hike a ride from someone. Another 15 minutes passed and Peter was still out there trying hard to solve the problem. Suddenly, Jane heard a soft thud coming from the top of the car. Although it was quite soft, she actually jumped and almost let out a scream cos it was so quiet sitting in the car alone.

As the car was stopped under the trees, Jane told herself that the soft thud was none other than the falling of twigs from the trees. "Thud." Another soft knocked on the top of the car. Then another “thub”, then another and another, each getting a little bit louder. The funny thing was that Jane could not see any twig whatsoever falling from the trees nearby. Jane tried very hard to look for Peter who was supposed to be standing in front trying to fix the engine problem but with the uplifted bonnet, her visual was blocked.

"Thud".. "Thud".. "Thud"

The knocking sound became louder and louder but still bearable. Then Jane saw a car coming from a distance behind and the car actually slowed down while overtaking Jane's stationary car. Jane prayed that the driver of the car would stop and gave them a helping hand but no, the driver just slowed down a little while driving passed her. The driver in the car was an Indian guy and Jane saw that he was staring at her with 2 big round eyes and for 1 moment she thought he looked afraid, very afraid.

The next thing Jane knew, the car sped away in high speed. Jane was really puzzled as to why the Indian driver looked so frightened and sped away so fast. "Thud! Thud! Thud!" The knocks became louder and louder and Jane was feeling more and more frightened. She looked around desperately for Peter but the was no sign of him. "Thud!"

From the rear mirror, Jane saw another vehicle driving towards her again. She almost opened the car door to get out to wave for the vehicle but the "thud" sound from above made her stayed tight. The on-coming vehicle was a van and the driver started to slow down the speed when nearing to Jane`s car.

As the van drove pass Jane, she could see that the middle-aged couple with their son were seated in the front of the van. While driving parallel to Jane, both the husband and wife stared at Jane with 2 pair of big big eyes. Once again, Jane thought she saw fear in the eyes of the 2 person in the van. Unfortunately, the driver of the van did not stop his van but instead picked up his speed and drove off quickly.

All the while, the knocking thuds from the top of the car did not stop at all, the thuds kept going on and on. As more and more vehicles drove pass her without stopping to lend a helping hand, more and more fearful stares from the owners of the vehicles, Jane got more and more worried. She could not see Peter at all and the knocking thuds were getting louder and louder.

Finally, just before she lost her nerves, she saw 2 Police cars speeding towards her with the sirens shrieking loudly and lights flashing brightly in the night. Thank goodness. Both the Police cars stopped as they approached Jane's car. All 4 policemen, 2 from each car, stepped out of the car and walked cautiously towards Jane.

Jane opened the car door and the 4 policemen looked very anxious and 1 of them said, "Miss, slowly, please get out slowly". Jane was very puzzled at the 4 policemen's cautiousness but since all of them looked so kan-chiong, she refrained herself from rushing out of the car but got out very slowly. "Good. Just keep calm and walk slowly to us. No, don´t look back now, just walk steadily and calmly towards us. Everything will be alright".

Walking half way towards the 4 policemen, she heard a loud "Thud" coming from the car behind her. She almost turned around to take a look but the policeman stopped her, "No Miss, dont you look back now, just keep walking."

Finally, Jane reached the 4 policemen and 1 of the policemen immediately pulled her towards the police car. It was then that Jane turned around to look at the car and she broke into a hysterical shriek upon seeing the unbelievable. There, sitting on top of the car was a man, holding something in his hands and kept knocking it onto the top of the car. The thing which he was holding and knocking continuously was Peter's head.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Satoru-kun is a Japanese urban legend about a game being played to find out the answers for all the questions of any kind. If you have a question that requires an answer, Satoru-kun can help. According to the urban legend, Satoru-kun is a spirit of Japan ghost or demon that appears in the form of a young boy. He knows everything about the past, present and the future.

Satoru-kun can answer every question that was asked. You only need to perform a ritual to summon him. However, by contacting Satoru-kun, you're playing a dangerous game. To call Satoru-kun, you need some coins and a public coin phone that are still functioning.


Step 1: Insert a coin in a public coin phone. Pick up the phone as usual.
Step 2: Repeat the following chant, "Satoru-kun, Satoru-kun, please come here, Satoru, Satoru, please show yourself. Satoru, Satoru, please answer me if you were there."
Step 3: Once that immediate hang up the public payphone.

If you do everything right, you will receive a phone call from Satoru- kun within 24 hours. He will be phoned you through the general telephone or mobile phone that is closest to you. When he first phoned, Satoru-kun will tell you where he is. Then he will hang up.

He will call you a few times and each time, he will be closer and closer to where you are. The last time he would say: "I am behind you now." It is time to quickly ask your questions.

1: Do not turn around or try to look at him.
2: Do not try to touch it.
3: Do not call if you do not have any questions to ask.
4: When he is behind you, do not waste your time. Ask a question immediately.

If you violate any of the rules, you will dead and Satoru-kun will drag you go to hell. So, prepare the questions would be a good idea to play the game.
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Alone in The Apartment

My school was a holiday, grade 1 and 2 because of our seniors will held a Try Out. I am very happy because I was grader 1. holiday this time, I plan to spend the day at my aunt's apartment. A coincidence both cousins would visit there also. I prepared a lot of plans I would do with them. After arriving there, I immediately turned on the laptop. A coincidence my aunt installing wifi. So, I can settle for to play the game until the evening. When I was playing, suddenly auntie approached carrying three large suitcases.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I want to deliver goods to store in Tokyo." she said, adjusting the contents of her suitcase one by one.

"Well, I was left alone?" I pursed my lips.

"Oh, yes really sorry, Ryu. It is also very sudden. I'd probably go home tomorrow afternoon." she said.

"Whether Ruka and Tetsu to come?" I asked again.

"They will test next week. I want them to use their vacation time to learn." said my auntas she took her car keys.

"Ahh!" I sigh while continuing playing the game.

"Sorry." My aunt looked at me with regret.

Because I saw the goods is so heavy, I helped carry it to the lift and take it to the car. My aunt gave me an allowance for snacks and more. She stroked my hair and said that she was very sorry and truly apologize. I go back and play online games. I'm looking for a snack in the fridge and take some to get rid of my anger.

Without realizing, the clock is pointing at 2 am. I was too dissolves in the game world. I immediately log out the game and open up my social media accounts. I open my favorite horror fans page. As I was cool to read the horror stories, suddenly all the lights in the room went out immediately. I put my laptop on the bed and walked out. When I opened the door, I see the horrible sights there. The hallway apartments completely dark. There was no light at all. Instantly I got goosebumps and I immediately slammed the door. I ran toward the mattress. The only light is the laptop screen and the moonlight broke through the bedroom window.

I heard the door in another room was open and the sound of people talking. I think they are the occupants of the other rooms being checked if other rooms are also experiencing the same thing. I turned the music on my laptop and tighten volume. I immediately locked the door and the door of my room. The atmosphere even more tense when I glanced at a square-shaped hole near the top left corner to the door. If you look carefully, it seems the former throne hole? AC that she now put in the living room. The hole looks vaguely because the state is being dark.

I ventured to direct the light from my laptop screen towards the hole. Instantly my heart was beating very fast and the cold sweat flowing into my body. A pale-faced head smiling awful and its eyes stared at me. Then said, "need a friend?".
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